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Chutes and Ladders




is one really big game of chutes and ladders. You may be at the top of your game and everything is going in your favor. Then you almost make it to the end of the game, just to land on that long ass ladder all the way back down to the bottom. Having to start over from nearly the beginning, in the blink of an eye. What shitty luck to have huh?

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Daryan Shamkhali

Samuel Zeller

Mark Adriane

 That’s life though.

You’ll have ups with really great peaks and then you’ll have downsides with equal valleys to overcome. I believe it’s important to experience these type of up and down events. It’s never a good thing to put all your eggs in one basket, or at least that’s what I was always told. So never get stagnant and never get too comfortable.

Some people love their job, they tell stories of how their boss praised them, we’ve all been there. It’s a good feeling to be acknowledged, but again never get too comfortable. Everyone is dispensable. I know that’s harsh, the truth usually is. It’s better you know that then to be blindsided by it in the future. For example, let’s just say you and the higher up have a verbal altercation which leads you both to be fired. You’ll realize very quickly the employee handbook means a lot more than the employee. You break the rules and you’re done just like that. All those praises don’t seem to mean so much now.

Those up moments of praise or those down moments of losing employment doesn’t define you, those are just chutes and ladder moments of life. Moments that leave you with more questions than answers initially, but gives you a lot to think about. It allows you to learn, grow and possibly even gain access to an opportunity your previous situation would have never granted you.

Chutes and Ladder moments are very humbling in my own experience, to have felt like you had it all and to lose it all is sometimes humiliating, depressing and just frustrating to be honest. In those moments you can really feel helpless, but it usually gives you some clarity on what others may go through or just be a personal reminder that you are not above the currents of the universe of this ride called life.

Try to avoid 84 (LOL)
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