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Generation Y-ou Salty?

Wahkstradamus, Admin/Blogger

30 October 2017

Am I getting old?

I find myself noticing more and more that I’m aging. It isn’t because of the facial hair or the few Grey hairs in my head I happen to know the exact location of.

Not even the acid reflux that has me popping Tums because I can’t give up my love for pizza.

A whole new ballgame?

It is how different 9 looked for me then it does for my goddaughter. It’s the smartphone that her mother purchased for her, for her birthday that had me thinking to myself. “Shit, I wish I had a smartphone when I was 9” which then made me think. “What the hell was I doing when I was 9?” If I had to think back to that time way back when (I’m only 30 so not that long ago).

Generational Divide

Photograph by Bridgeworks via Bridgeworks

I am pretty sure I was playing Street Fighter Alpha. Doing my best to avoid playing Resident Evil at night. Adjusting to living in North Carolina with all these country folk. Oh, hating that sales tax was charged on everything. (how dare you charge me .26 cents for a .25 cent bag of chips, Malarkey I tell you!)

“Imagine if Kobe played Jordan when they were both in their prime.”

As I was having these thoughts I was brought back to reality by a debate my cousins were having on basketball which again took me back into my thoughts. “Imagine if Kobe played Jordan when they were both in their prime,” I thought to myself with excitement about something I knew, in reality, could never happen.

Photograph by Odyssey via The Odyssey 

Who’s is the best?

Somehow as we get older we can’t seem to accept that the past is the past, no matter how much the present shows us otherwise. We debate about things from the past and compare them to the present a lot of the time and we don’t even realize it. ‘This restaurant was a lot better when I was younger’  ‘The cars were put together a lot better back in my day’, ‘I loved it back in the day when we weren’t on our phones all day’.

The comparisons happen more than we probably even realize. They may even be valid but the present is the present. While I believe things like quality should never be sacrificed to save a quick buck. I also have to come to terms with the fact that People think LeBron is better than Kobe, Drake is better than Hov (😒 Really Ni**a) and that Dub is no longer just a $20 bag of weed.

Generational divides exist. It’s up to us to embrace the change we experience. Nurture the change. Or you will come off as very bitter. Becoming the one who’s misunderstood in a world that left you behind.

Because you weren’t willing to keep up.

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